About EnOS Enterprise Analytics Platform

EnOS Enterprise Analytics Platform is an enterprise-level BI and AI integrated management platform for data scientists, algorithm engineers, and IT engineers. It provides advanced analysis functions such as data exploration and mining based on the data lake. As a one-stop service platform for the machine learning processes such as exploration, development, evaluation, registration, deployment, scheduling, etc. It enables the decoupling of algorithms and applications, thus accumulating standard and reusable algorithm templates. It delivers AI applications based on a standardized platform and accelerates the engineering efficiency of BI and AI.

EnOS Enterprise Analytics Platform provides end-to-end toolset that supports business scenarios such as data resource management, ML model development and experiments, ML model deployment and hosting, and ML model lifecycle management. The product functions are shown in the following figure:


Key Capabilities

MI Hub

Based on machine learning technology to refine data, EnOS MI Hub provides a one-stop service for creating, training, deploying, and debugging algorithm models. By decoupling algorithm and applications, it enables standard reuse of algorithm models. Benefited from the standardized and unified interfaces, application solutions can be quickly encapsulated, improving the efficiency of algorithm engineering and ensuring the safe production of algorithm models. Learn more >>

Dev Experiments

The Dev Experiments product provides data scientists with a series of interactive working environment for data exploration, model training, model tuning, and model evaluation. Learn more >>.

ML Lifecycle

Providing model lifecycle management functions such as data preprocessing, model training, model registration, model deployment, model services, and operation monitoring. Learn more >>.

Targeted Personas

EnOS Enterprise Analytics Platform primarily serves the following roles:

Data Developer & Analyst

With the services of Enterprise Analytics Platform, data developers and analysts can develop data structure and algorithm, perform data analysis and data mining, and design BI reports based on business KPIs to assist business decisions.