Get Organization

Get the organization’s information.

Request Format

POST https://{apigw-address}/enos-iam-service/v2.0/organization/info

Request Parameters (Header)

Name Mandatory/Optional Data Type Description
Authorization Mandatory String Session ID, in the format of bearer token. You can get the session ID after calling the Log In API.
Content-Type Optional String The only accepted value is “application/json”.

Request Parameters (Body)

Name Mandatory/Optional Data Type Description
id Mandatory String The organization ID. How to get organization ID>>

Response Parameters

Name Data Type Description
organization Organization Struct The organization’s information. For more information, see Organization Struct >>

Organization Struct

Name Data Type Description
code String The organization identifier, such as the business licence number.
createTime String The time when this organizatoin is created.
createdByUserId String The user ID of the person that created the organizatoin.
description String The description of the organization.
domain String The EnOS user name.
id String The organization ID.
name String The organization name.
ownerId String The user ID of the organization owner.
extra List<JSONObejct> Extra information of the organization.


Request Sample

url: https://{apigw-address}/enos-iam-service/v2.0/organization/info
method: POST
requestBody: {"id":"yourOrgId"}

Return Sample

    "fail": false,
    "success": true,
    "organization": {
        "createdByUserId": "userId",
        "resourceId": "resourceId",
        "code": "",
        "approvalState": 1,
        "description": "",
        "type": 2,
        "ownerId": "userId",
        "createTime": "2018-11-20 04:03:06.0",
        "domain": "",
        "extra": {
            "owner": "ownerId",
            "property": "2",
            "approvedBy": "system",
            "scale": "0",
            "registerType": "0",
            "approvedAt": "2018-11-20 04:03:06",
            "version": "2"
        "name": "Demo",
        "id": "orgId",
        "state": 0,
        "certificationState": 1
    "failed": false,
    "message": "",
    "status": 0,
    "successful": true

Java SDK Sample

public class GetOrganization{

    public static String SESSION_ID = "yourBearerToken";

    public static final String ORGANIZATIONID = "yourOrgId";

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("ListOrganization Test");
        OrganizationGetRequest organizationGetRequest = new OrganizationGetRequest(SESSION_ID, ORGANIZATIONID);
        OrganizationGetResponse response = getPoseidon().getResponse(organizationGetRequest, OrganizationGetResponse.class);

        System.out.println("OrganizationGetResponse res; " + JSON.toJSONString(response));
        assertNotNull("Response should not be null", response);