EnOS Known Issues and Limitations

The article lists the knowns issues and limitations of EnOS in terms of products and services categorization.

EnOS Known Issues and Limitations
Issue Description Symptom Known Workaround Discovery Time State Resolution Time
The asset tree tag supports Chinese characters as the key, however, when the subscription service filters data based on asset tags, Chinese characters are not supported. Applications cannot subscribe to data from assets whose tag contains Chinese characters. Streaming Service does not support to process data from assets whose tag contains Chinese characters either. NA 2019/08 Planning  
Non-device assets can only be viewed from the Asset Tree interface of EnOS Management Console. When a non-device asset is removed from an asset tree, the asset still exists, however, there is no way to view the asset from EnOS Management Console anymore. Go to Device Management > Logic Assset to view all the logical assets of this OU and delete if necessary. 2019/08 Resolved 2019/09
Tags of the same key for one alert rule overlaps each other, with the latest updated overlapping the older one. When you edit alert rules in the Excel template, if you added multiple tags of the same key to one rule, only the later added tag will be saved. Key must be unique for a tag of a rule. Users will be prompted if a key is not unique in console. If users edit rules in and upload the template, EnOS will refuse to update rules as there exists non-unique tag keys. 2019/09 Resolved 2019/10
Tab title for the template of alert content is wrong. Tab title for an alert content template is severity. Changed tab title to content 2019/09 Resolved 2019/10
The files downloaded by the file service API of EnOS Edge has wrong file names The file name, which is originally the asset ID, is preceded by an arbitrary string after being downloaded. Bug fixed. No arbitrary string precedes the file name any more. 2020/02 Resolved 2020/03
Internal service error in registering a device When you are registering a device, float and doube type attributes do not have maximum lengths, which leads to internal service error. NA 2020/06 Planning  
Cache error in editing a model If you leave the feature definition page when the model is in edit mode and deletes the model, the cache is not cleaned. NA 2020/06 Planning