EnOS Product Architecture

EnOS provides comprehensive and modularized offerings to help enterprises and cities tackle the challenges of digital transformation.

The picture below depicts EnOS’ product and service offerings.


EnOS Edge

EnOS Edge, as the data ingestion frontend of EnOS Cloud, extends connectivity to various devices and 3rd-party systems and tackle mission-critical edge scenarios where immediate decision or control is needed. It extends the intelligence of EnOS Cloud to the edge by providing device management, device control, and edge computing through the integration and inheritance of traditional OT technologies and deep coordination with EnOS Cloud.

In addition to data acquisition endpoints, EnOS Edge can be deployed as the on-site platform where applications can run independently to support edge scenarios that require local management and analytics, and decision-making on site. For more information, see EnOS Edge.

If a 3rd-party edge is required, EnOS Cloud also supports 3rd-party edges that are compatible with the EnOS device connection framework.

EnOS Cloud

IoT Hub

The IoT Hub helps to abstract device models and allows the connection of heterogeneous devices in various domains such as industry, smart city, and smart building. By enabling secure and reliable connections, the IoT Hub can manage vast amount of IoT devices from the cloud to achieve O&M transparency, predictive maintenance, and performance optimization through full device lifecycle management on EnOS. For more information about the services, see Asset Management.

Enterprise Data Platform (EDP)

When dealing with big volumes of connected data, the IoT data management process becomes a challenge. The EnOS EDP aims to help with the volume, speed, and variety of data by improving the data access and development efficiency. EnOS provides end-to-end data governance along the whole dataflow chain, while at the same time optimizing the data storage scheme to reduce the total cost of ownership on all the IoT data in a compliant and efficient manner. For more information about the services, see Enterprise Data Platform.

Enterprise Analytics Platform (EAP)

The EAP provides large volume of data storage with low-cost and high computing capacity in a distributed architecture to help you integrate and process large volumes of data at high speed. The services provide tools to help you extract, transform, and load data from heterogeneous data sources such as your existing IT and OT systems and quickly obtain insights, explore new business models, and make business decisions. With data synergy powered by AI, the EAP enables you to turn data assets into real business values. For more information about the services, see Enterprise Analytics Platform.

Application Enablement

Application Enablement provides toolkits, libraries, and services that help you leverage the IoT data and common data services and rapidly build, deploy, and scale applications. By offering a loosely coupled micro-service architecture, EnOS encapsulates the complexity of the underlying technology, lowers the barriers to application development, and accelerates monetization time. For more information about the services, see Application Enablement.