Basic Concepts

Main Account

The EnOS account used for the email notification service.


The application used to push the notifications, where the configuring of the application is done by the OU administrator. Different applications under different OUs have different quota restrictions. When the quota is reached, notifications will no longer be sent.

Email Notifications

Notifications can be pushed via emails where the SMTP server and sender address can be configured.

SMS Notifications

Notifications with custom signatures can be pushed via SMS.


  • The number of notifications sent per day can be calculated for different applications under each OU.
  • The time window for the calculation is UTC time in days.
  • Results can be filtered by application or by message priority.


Two types of templates are available: email and SMS templates. You can edit and preview the email template style, configure custom variables to create personalized templates, and batch send emails for both template types.

Quota and Threshold

  • Quota: Different applications have different notification quotas. When the quota is reached, notifications will no longer be sent.
  • Threshold: A threshold can be set for the total quota in percentage such that when the number of notifications sent reaches the threshold percentage, an email will be sent to warn the recipient.