About Application Enablement

The Application Enablement offering provides toolkits, libraries, and services that help your leverage the IoT data and common data services and rapidly build, deploy, and scale applications. By offering a loosely coupled micro-service architecture and encapsulating the underlying IT complexity, lowers barrier of application development and accelerates time to value.

Application Management

Application development on EnOS starts from registering a service account for the application and adding the application to EnOS Edge. The application can then access EnOS Edge services and data by presenting its service account.

For more information, see Registering and Managing Applications and Adding and Lauching an Application on Edge.

Application Development

EnOS Edge provides the following services for application developers:

EnOS Edge APIs

For more information, see EnOS Edge APIs.

Assistive Services

Public Components and Services


The EnOS HMI enables you to quickly build visualized monitoring applications. The tool has built-in rich visual elements that simulates equipment pieces of various industry domains and charts that help you visualize data dynamics. The tool also allows you to accumulate your own graphic elements.

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Application Portal

Provides unified experience with applications built from EnOS, enables central management of application users and access rights.

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