This section introduces the major concepts for EnOS Edge.


The devices connected to EnOS Edge are referred to as sub-devices.


A connection refers to the TCP link established between the Edge and its sub-devices or third-party systems. It can be used to access the data of a sub-device or a batch of sub-devices and uses a protocol to communicate with sub-devices or third-party systems.


A template determines how data collected by using a protocol is mapped onto the model measurement points defined on EnOS Cloud. Its main function is to map the measurement points prescribed in the protocol (to be specific, the point.csv file of the protocol) to the measurement points defined in the device model. In addition, the template includes calculation formulas and scripts, so that data from selected devices will be processed with the formula or calculation script before being mapped to the measurement points.


The protocol refers to a system of rules to be executed for the communication between two entities (Edge and sub-devices, and Edge and third-party systems), which is mainly the communication protocol on the application layer, such as IEC104, OPC and Modbus.

In EnOS Edge, the protocol includes protocol program, configuration file and point.csv.

Protocol Program

If you are using C++ to develop the protocol, the protocol program refers to the .bin file for implementing the protocol.


This file is the parameter configuration file required by the protocol program. You can download and configure the protocol.sys of each protocol in EnOS Console Management > EnOS Edge > Protocol.


Point.csv of a particular protocol contains the sequence of measurement points to be uploaded to EnOS or forwarded to a third-party system. You can download the point.csv in EnOS Console Management > EnOS Edge > Template.

Protocol Document

The protocol document is uploaded by the protocol developers along with the protocol program. The protocol document covers the configuration and usage instructions.

Measurement Point

The measurement point refers to the data collected by Edge to be sent to EnOS. A measurement point can be a device collection point or a device control point.

Collection Point

The collection point refers to the measurement point sent by the sub-device to cloud through Edge as defined in point.csv, such as the measurement points for wind speed and motor speed.

A colllection point can be one of the following types of data.

  • AI: analogous input
  • DI: digital input
  • PI: pulse input

Control Point

The control point is a measurement point the cloud sends to a sub-device through Edge to set or reset value for a measurement point, or to give commands to the device to start or stop, which is defined in point.csv. The control point is further divided into the following.

  • Analogous output (AO, where the value can be any data type).
  • Digital output (DO, where the value is usually an integer).