Data Asset Authorization Overview

Data asset permission management and authorization is an important means of data governance which provides comprehensive security for the data asset management system. Currently, EnOS manages multiple data asset types where enterprises can run multiple workloads in a multi-tenancy environment. The security of the data stored in EnOS Cloud must be strengthened to support multi-user and cross-tenant data access. Therefore, a framework is provided to centrally manage security policies and monitor users’ data access operations.

The Data Asset Authorization service enables you to grant access permission of HDFS files to users of specified organizations by defining customized permission policies, achieving cross-organization access management of data assets.

Service Features

The Data Asset Authorization service has the following features.

  • Centralized data security management.
  • Fine grained data asset authorization policies.
  • Provides standard authorization for Hadoop components.
  • Supports different types of authorization methods, such as organization-based access control and file-path-based access control.
  • Cross-organization data access authorization.