About the EnOS Log Service

The EnOS Log Service provides log service configuration, log query, alert setting, and alert record query functions for EnOS products and services.

The business architecture of EnOS Log Service is shown in the following figure:



The major functions and advantages of EnOS Log Service include the following.

Customized Service Support

Based on business needs, the applications, clusters, and environments that require the log service support can be flexibly defined, meeting customized business needs.

Log Query

After applications are configured with the log service, you can query the log information generated by a specific application in the specific environment and cluster during a certain period of time. The log query service supports the ES search syntax to filter log information.

Alert Rule Configuration

With the alert rule configuration, you can define alert monitoring for a specific application in the specific environment and cluster, including alert triggering conditions, alert receivers, and alert sending method.

Alert Records Query

You can query the alert records and their status during a period of time for the specified application, cluster, and environment, making it easy for tracking application issues.


  • Before using the log service, users are required to log in to authenticate the user account, ensuring that the users have the authority to manage the relevant projects and applications.
  • Users have the view permission for the queried logs, but do not have rights to modify or delete logs.