About the EnOS HMI

The EnOS HMI enables engineering professionals to configure SCADA pages efficiently. This chapter shows how to download, configure, and use the EnOS HMI to edit and deploy asset data visualization and monitoring pages.

Major Features

The EnOS HMI has the following major features.

  • Easy configuration of SCADA pages

    Engineering professionals can deploy asset data monitoring pages by simply uploading SVG configuration files that contain the designed graph pages, thus improving the engineering efficiency.

  • Easy-to-use shape and icon elements

    The EnOS HMI provides a set of base shapes and icon elements, satisfying the requirements of various business scenarios.

  • Asset permission isolation

    Integrated with the EnOS Identity and Access Management, the EnOS HMI supports asset permission isolation where users can only access the data of the assets that they have the permission for.

The following examples show the asset and site monitoring pages that are configured and deployed using EnOS HMI.

Example 1


Example 2