About the Application Portal

The EnOS Application Portal is a universal and flexible EnOS-based application portal for permission management and application access. It provides application developers with a unified RBAC-based permission system and login portal, and helps to ensure that end users can smoothly access and use applications in the same system with the same permissions, improving security control and reducing R&D costs.

The EnOS Application Portal’s system architecture is as follows.


Main Functions

The main functions of the EnOS Application Portal include:

  • RBAC-based permission management, including role, permission, user group, organization structure, and other general capabilities.
  • Automatic authorization of assets through asset management hierarchy.
  • Hierarchical authorization management through sub-administrator configuration.
  • Application menu configuration for cross-application user access.
  • Unified portal and personalized configuration for multiple OU access.
  • Real-name certification, multi-factor authentication, and security level protection (in planning).

The above-mentioned functions work on the basis of the interaction of the Application Portal with the applications, assets, permissions, and other modules of EnOS. The Application Portal consists of two major modules: the application portal and admin console. This documentation introduces, from the perspectives of the application developer, system administrator, OU administrator, and application user, the interaction between the Application Portal and EnOS as well as the functions and usage of the two modules.

System Requirements

The EnOS Application Portal PC client supports the following web browsers.

Browser Supported Version
Chrome 63.0.3239.132 or higher versions
Safari 12.0 or higher versions
Edge 16.16299 or higher versions
IE 11 or higher versions
Firefox 56.0 or higher versions