About the API Lifecycle Management

The EnOS API Management supports hot updates of the API. The state of the API in the editing and operating environment are independent of each other, and only after the API is released will its offline editing updates be applied online.

Scenario Description


As shown in the figure above, in the EnOS APIM, each API will exist in both the editing and the running environment. The lifecycle of the API has three stages: “Saved”, “Released”, and “Public”.

  • Saved: The API has been created and saved in the editing environment. You can edit, save, and publish the saved API in the editing environment any time, and hot update the saved API. You can delete the saved API only if it has not been released or is unpublished (offline).
  • Released: The API has been released to the operating environment and can be called and debugged internally. You can make it public or unpublish (offline) an API in this stage.
  • Public: The released API in the operating environment has been made public and can be called by any user with an EnOS account. You can choose to make the API private to bring it back to the Released stage.