API Authentication

With regards to EnOS API authentication, the service account (SA) is taken as the identity of an application or a developer. In the REST API request, the SA is sent to the EnOS service, which then authenticates the user and performs the required authorized access.

Getting the Service Account

The service account consists of the application’s Access Key and Secret Key, which is generated by registering an application on the EnOS Management Console. The specific steps to get the SA are as follows:

  1. Log in to the EnOS Management Console and select Application Registration from the left navigation bar.
  2. Click the Create App button, enter the details of the new application, and click Confirm.
  3. After the application registration is completed, click the application name under the Apps of This OU tab, and view the application’s Access Key and Secret Key on the App Detail page.

Authorizing the Service Account

Only after the service account is authorized can the application be allowed to access the authorized resources on EnOS. For the detailed steps on how to authorize a service account, see Managing Service Accounts.

API Operation Permissions

When authorizing a service account, you can select pre-defined or customized permission policies based on the resources that need to be accessed by the APIs.

The resources that need to be accessed by each API and the corresponding operation permissions are given in the API documentation. For the detailed steps on how to create a permission policy, see Creating and Managing Policy.